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Introducing Stuffr 0.9.5

By Slobokan | April 3, 2008

It’s here! It’s finally here!

The long awaited update is finally finished. It took a bit longer than I expected (about a month longer) because I wanted to add as much to this version as I could before letting it out the door, so to speak. So here it is…

Stuffr, a desktop blogging client for Windows, has a streamlined design that works in conjuction with multiple weblog platforms.

With customizable toolbars, syntax highlighting, and smart prompts, Stuffr offers you all of the tools needed for speedy and convenient posting.

Stuffr allows you to save drafts or publish entries to your blog in real time, but it also offers the choice of saving the post locally for further review and editing.

New in this version of Stuffr are four preset color themes, as well as the choice to customize the interface colors.

Stuffr currently supports blogging on the Movable Type and Wordpress platforms, as well as Tumblr TumbleLogs. Stuffr now also supports posting to Twitter and Pownce.

Stuffr’s features include:

Blogging (Movable Type & WordPress):

TumbleLogs (Tumblr):

As you use the Stuffr interface to view your Twitter timeline, it will display up to the last 250 tweets you have received since starting the application.



Bug Fixes:

Known Issues:

For more information on changes included in each version of Stuffr, check the history.txt file that accompanies the file.

Stuffr, with it’s intuitive design, does what a blogging client should, and it does it quickly and efficiently.

So when you have a lot on your mind, take your thoughts and Stuff ‘em!

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One Response to “Introducing Stuffr 0.9.5”

  1. Tal Says:
    June 5th, 2008 at 10:24 am

    Looks excellent, but it’s missing Blogger support. Other than that, you seem to have covered everything. :)