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What Is Stuffr?

Stuffr is a desktop blogging client for Windows with a streamlined design that works in conjuction with multiple weblog platforms. Stuffr was not designed to contain every feature and option that might be available in other blogging clients, but with keyboard shortcuts, syntax highlighting, and smart prompts, Stuffr offers you all of the tools needed for speedy and convenient posting.

Stuffr allows you to save drafts or publish entries to your blog in real time, but it also offers the choice of saving the post locally for further review and editing. Stuffr currently supports Blogger, Movable Type and Wordpress blogs, and Tumblr Tumblelogs.

Stuffr provides several “smart” prompts for adding hyperlinks, files, images, and embedded YouTube, Vimeo, College Humor, or MetaCafe videos within your posts. Whether it’s the one click insertion of hyperlinks, or the automatic generation of embedded code for web videos, Stuffr handles it all for you, so you can concentrate on blogging. When uploaded, images are inserted into the post with the proper image source tag, while files are inserted with a hyperlink to the files location.

Stuffr does what a blogging client should, and it does it quickly and efficiently. So when you have a lot on your mind, take your thoughts and Stuff ‘em!